Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thank God that is all I can keep thinking. I am truly so excited and just in shock at how many people have viewed and have shared the Phil Robertson speech that I posted last January on Youtube. Today I woke up to my inbox literally exploding with comments on it. Now I hasten to say once again that the video isn't really mine. It does NOT belong to me in anyway shape or form. The actual video it came from has been online and on Youtube since Febuary of 2010. The whole speech can be seen in it's entirety and I highly recommend it here...

I only shared the Pro-life part of the speech here on A Voice for Hope and on Facebook because I thought then as I still think now that it is a powerful, and much needed speech on the value and defense of human life that is sorely needed in our world today!

I have no idea what made it get noticed and go viral all of a sudden as it did yesterday. But I thank God for it! Thank God for letting this message be heard and shared by so many! May it help wake people up and save many lives! And may God bless Phil Robertson and his family and Duck Dynasty for their standing for what is right and not being afraid to say it publicly!

Please keep sharing and liking and let's get this one seen around the world!

God bless LIFE!


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