Tuesday, December 11, 2012
Some of the easiest and best ways to get people to stop, take notice, and listen to what you are saying online and even in everyday life is if you share an eye catching image. So I am always on the lookout for great pro-life graphics to share on Facebook and my other social networking sites. Some of the graphics I have found say the message loud and clear without needing many words at all. And others with a combination of the image and the words on them can really deliver a truly powerful message to all who see it! I wanted to take the time today to share a few of the best graphics and pro-life cartoons that I have collected recently. Some may not be really new but their messages are still priceless and desperately needed in the pro-abortion world that we live in today! 
Please feel free to share these on your own social networking sites and link to the great pro-life sites that posted them (I have listed links with the images that I know for sure what sites or groups they came from. If no site was listed the source wasn't listed where I saw the images online almost all of these I got via Facebook. No copyright infringement is intended in anyway.) These can make a person stop and think sometimes where they may not have before. They are a great easy way to get a conversation started on pro-life issues. If you can open the door God willing you will have a chance to change people's hearts and minds and you might just save some lives! :)
This might become a regular post here on Voice for Hope let me know if you like the idea! :) Also if you have a pro-life story that you would like to share please contact me via the contact page and I might feature your story soon on Voice for Hope! 

The rest of these I'm not sure where they are from but they are AWESOME! 
So much truth in these please share! 

I am also adding a page for graphics that I have personally made myself HERE. The permanent link has now been added to the menu as well. Please check back often for more graphics as I will be adding them as I make them.  I have several more in mind that I am going to be making very soon God willing.  Please share the graphics on your social media sites and blogs and help me spread the word. If you wouldn't mind I would very much appreciate a link back so that others might find out about Voice for Hope and that it might continue to grow! I'm almost up to 100 likes now on the VOH Facebook page! It's at 88 now and I would love to see it reach a 100 before the end of the year. The VOH Twitter followers is current at 61 and it would be so great to see both the Facebook and Twitter followers hit 100 by the end of the year but I can't do it alone I need your help to spread the word. If you would tell your friends and family about Voice for Hope I would be so grateful. I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have already followed and liked Voice for Hope! Your support and comments mean so much to me! God bless you all and keep standing up for and being a voice for the voiceless! Let's be their voice for hope!


  1. Unborn children are so beautiful. Sadly, I've seen abortion supporters even going so far as to say they are ugly, "horrifying" etc. I've also seen hard-hearted people writing things like: "No amount of pictures of cute embryos is going to change my mind." I think the graphics can be very effective if people are just confused, but if they have bad will they will still refuse to see what is in front of them.

  2. Hi Aura I have seen people like you are talking about and it is sad. But you never know when something will touch a person and God can use anything to help change a person's heart and mind if they will allow him too and anyone can change just look at Norma McCorvey. So we have to not let those kinds of people discourage us and keep speaking up what is right no matter what there are those that will change and listen and we have to keep trying because that is what God calls us to do!


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